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Young entrepreneurs tend to rack their brains about their new business 24 x 7, work an insane number of hours and often give up on their social life. Dreaming about your upcoming business is an absolute necessity for it to come true but be cautious that compromising on your work – life balance would eventually knock down your productivity in the long run. Get to know from below the 5 steps for an entrepreneur to achieve an effective work – life balance. 1. A 60 – minute workout Start your day with a 60 minute workout with a bunch of motivated people which would...Continue reading »

Successful Entrepreneurs aren’t people cut of different fabric, they are just as same as you and me. They commit errors, they feel anxiety and emotions. But there are things that are common with a lot of successful entrepreneurs, today we will be seeing such stand out rituals of successful entrepreneurs. Be Busy This is the most common habit that every successful entrepreneur carries along with them, keeping them occupied with one thing after the other after the other, which not only keeps him busy but also keeps him growing as an individual and keeps him alert...Continue reading »

Spine : The first and the foremost rule of running a startup, leave about running even launching a startup is to have the spine to dream about one and being able to chance that dream. So spine tops the chart of spices of this secret soup. System : Launching a startup isn’t the end of the game rather it’s just the beginning, system is the spine of a startup for it to function effectively. Putting a system in place and making people follow is demands not just discipline but it also demands a lot of sacrifice. Strategy : spine could launch a startup...Continue reading »

It happens to almost every blogger at some point. Even it happened to me I am sure Rathan will be surprised seeing this blog in his inbox after a month gap (Conditions applied!!!)….You start losing interest in your blog. You get busy, and you post less frequently. Perhaps you take a week off … and it becomes a month, and then three months. It can be really tough to re-motivate yourself, especially if you started blogging with high hopes of a six-figure income within your first year, and you’ve been faced with the reality. There’s often a lot of work between where...Continue reading »

One popular post can bring your more traffic and links than a month’s worth of your usual content. Make the next post you write your most popular post ever. The following tips form my key advice for tackling this task. There’s no blueprint you can follow to write an incredibly popular post, but you won’t have a chance unless you try. I’m confident these tips will give you a good shot at success. Time is more important than talent.  Work on something for eight hours and you can bet it will be good. More time means you can refine, format and fill your post...Continue reading »